Give customers privacy

Make your business a more comfortable place for your customers.

Protect against harmful UV rays

Guard furnishings and products against damage and fading.

Superior products and services

We use industry-leading materials and practice world-class service.

Darkside Commercial Window Tint

Whether it’s protecting your customers and products or giving your business a beautiful face-lift, Darkside Commercial Window Tint has the perfect solution for your commercial tinting needs!

Many commercial window tinting applications available

We offer a multitude of tinting solutions for your business. Below are some examples of past window tinting jobs we’ve completed in Eugene, OR:


As a small, family-owned business in Eugene, Oregon, we know that our customers are usually the same people we call our neighbors, friends, and family. When you choose Darkside Commercial Window Tint to perform window tinting on your commercial building, you know that we will treat your property like it’s our own.

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